Crow Lane Creative Studios

Artist Live/Work

Crow Lane Creative Studios—a mixed-use project of live/work residences, art gallery, and co-working spaces—proposes strategies for providing workspace for Austin’s visual artists, displaced by rising rents. The programming of the project was drawn from on-the-ground research into arts organizations, combining workspace with community and gallery spaces. The site, located in south Austin, is at the affordable suburban periphery, with the gallery serving as a draw to bring people for events, and co-working space for daytime use. The gallery faces the street, using the cul-de-sac easement for outdoor spillover space. An internal courtyard protects open space from the development surround the property, giving tenants views into the central gardens and shared space for working and socializing.

In the units, we investigated the concept of fluid-programing: spaces can be used for living or working, allowing artists to meet both needs in one space, adapting spaces as needed. Minimal kitchens and bathrooms are provided to meet costs down, assuming a certain level of DIY tenant improvement. The mezzanine gives spatial separation of program areas while keeping a sense of openness. Studios have generous north light, ample wall space and storage.