12th Street Studio

12th Street Studios was our first design/build project; a laboratory for material and process. Three studio spaces occupy a busy corner in a transitional neighborhood in East Austin. The corner is defined by a masonry wall that contains a quiet cactus garden. The top of the wall is at eye level, to give simultaneous views of arid landscape inside and lush neighborhood yards outside.u00a0u00a0 Studio spaces all have north-facing windows for even daylighting. These were made with an inexpensive wall assembly of polycarbonate sheeting, a material typically used for greenhouses, over wood studs. The standard details for the material were developed to create a more cohesive, veiled effect. Outbuildings include a sunshade with photovoltaic panels above and a workshop building. This last building uses polycarbonate again, this time filled with different sands to make a material index.