Windsor Park Renovation & Addition

Located in the heart of the Windsor Park neighborhood, this renovation and addition provide new life to the existing mid-century home. Taking an existing 1,700 square foot plan that was no longer functional for the homeowners, Pollen reworked and added on to create a 1,900 square foot home with renovations to a majority of the existing areas. 

The updated floor plan responds to the needs of our clients, reworking the living and kitchen area and reallocating square footage to their main suite.  By removing select walls and expanding the front of the house by sixty square feet, a new, open floor plan was created with a modern kitchen and larger dining space.

What was once a garage has been transformed into a more generous main suite and a large family room with access directly to the backyard. The new elements of the home respond to and work around the existing, creating an updated space without abandoning the features that make the home unique.

The front façade was also modified through modern materials and all new windows help brighten the aging mid-century home while increasing the natural light and views to the surrounding neighborhood.