Public Building

Recycling Facility

This master plan and project for a recycled materials recovery facility (MRF) was designed to illuminate resource cycles. The site plan carefully choreographs the flows of vehicles, materials, energy, nutrients and water through the project. The building was designed to use standard metal building components, in a shape configured to take advantage of breezes on its hilltop location. The skin of the building was designed to incorporate and display materials being recycled at the facility. Following up on previous work with  twin wall polycarbonate sheeting material, we proposed that cells would be filled with shredded wood, plastic or metal.

A community garden/farm at the entrance of the site serves as an invitation to visitors to tour the facility as part of its educational mission. Filtered storm water runoff from the MRF would provide irrigation for the farm. Circulation of trucks in the facility was designed to move in a one-way loop for clarity, efficiency and to minimize impervious cover.