Fitzhugh House Studio

Designed for, and in collaboration with interior designer Laura Roberts, The Fitzhugh House and Studio is nestled into a sloping, cedar-filled site in the Texas Hill Country.

Design for the project focuses on the site strategy and key details, including a custom thin roof eave tied to a pre-engineered metal building. Over six feet of topographic change along the front elevation is used advantageously, allowing the tall studio space to appear as a sibling to the shorter house. These two discrete volumes are offset by a connecting roof, forming a barrier at the street and a private courtyard beyond. Through the front gate, an ovular oculus punctures the roof, signaling entry to the house before reaching the vast vistas from the patio.

Exterior spaces mediate the many needs of the project, including a workspace for the client’s interior design and textile weaving businesses to be visited by employees and clients, meditation and sauna space to support a wellness lifestyle, and a private three-bedroom home. 

The studio building is inspired by the generous proportions and light quality of artist Jason Martin’s studio in Portugal.