Burnet House

Situated on 137 acres of rolling hills and granite outcroppings, Burnet House reaches around trees and extends into the landscape to capture long views of Texas terrain. The house’s strong horizontality and gabled forms reference traditional ranch homes while introducing a vocabulary of modern materials and detailing.

The wings of the house are organized under a single roof plane that hovers over the sloping site. Below, the living spaces follow changes in grade to settle into the landscape.

Wood-clad soffits create deep overhangs along the perimeter of the home, where a series of comfortable, well-protected outdoor living spaces carve into the interior plan. Low site walls, rock gardens and pathways utilize pink granite rocks harvested directly from the site.

A glassy entry gallery at the heart of the house is the pivot point of the plan. Here, the wood ceiling weaves together in a herring bone pattern and a series of specially designed display areas show of the client’s extensive glass art collection. Elegant steel stairs punch through the ceiling, leading to a second level guest suite with spectacular views into the distance.

Adjoining the living space, and underlapping the roof plane of the main house, the pool house rotates away to break the exacting symmetry and strong formal rules of the main house. The compressed interstitial space between the primary house and the pool house draws in the scale and makes for a spectacular outdoor living area